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hotgem    0

Dear Sir,

We got ce1 and ce2 which is 110v, purchased at musicians friend. others are ce4 and itech. All amps are shipped here in the philippines, for rental purposes.

We accidentally plugged the 2 ce which is 110v in a 220v, but not long enough. trouble is we got a dead amp.

We have just reviewed the power section, it has a good high voltage supply. In short, power transformer is in well condition. All we can see is a flashing fault lights.

the thing is we dont want to bring the unit in manila (audiophile) because it will be a long time for them to service them. actually we're ordering a replacement transformer from them. but sadly, it doesnt exist.

so if we could only request for a schematic diagram for ce1000a and ce2000a, we could personally locate or trouble shoot our 2 dead units since we are the one fixing or rather maintaning our system.

thank you very much, and hoping for your kind consideration



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DGlass    0

If you will send me a Forums "Personnel Message" with your personnel Email address and the amplifier's serial number I will send you the schematics.

Go to “My Controls”. Select “Compose New Message” and enter my user name “DGlass”.

Please do not post your personnel Email address on the Forum openly. :)

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