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XTi 4000 verses Crown K2

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musicboy71    0
anyone out there using the new Crown XTi 4000?

How do the perform ?

will they out perform a Crown K2?




In my other post I stated that I always used 2 K2's with an external crossover to drive my JBL SR-X series subs and tops. I purchased an XTi 4000, and after working out some kinks with the DSP settings - this one amp does the job of both K2's with no problem. I have used the amp 4 times the last 2 weeks and am amazed with it's power...the lights barely reached -10 if ever. I loved my K2's, but 2 of them at 30 lbs apiece vs. 1 XTi at 17lbs - I'm liking it...not to mention sucking 7 - 9 less amps out of the wall!!! So far I am VERY impressed!!!

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