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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I have a macrotech 3600vz amp in which the installed fan locks up due to 15+ years of running close to 24/7. crown does sell a replacement fan and fasco, the fan manufacturer, will not sell (or give any info) because it is an OEM part. there are two compartments which sandwich the fan spindle. They look like there are several small sponges installed, which I would assume are instended to be soaked with lubricant. Any suggestions or knowledge as to what 'sponges' and lubricant should be used for repair? thank you
  2. Hi all, One my trusty 3600vz’s (circa 18 yrs old, 1000’s of gigs, numerous spills out the back of the van, 1st ever issue) recently had one side of transistors replaced (Crown matched set) but had to be returned to the repair shop with a further issue that has the tech who repaired it totally stumped. Anyway, the symptoms of the fault that remains- The side in question, connected to a hefty JBL 2x15/horn, even the lightest fly-weight finger tap on top of the speaker cab will result in an audible chirp with a short decay as it regenerates. My knowledge extends to figuring this to be a back-EMF issue but no further. The tech told me he swapped the power supplies over and the fault remained on the same side so I’m assuming he’d only do that after investigating the clear reference to flyback diodes made in the service manual. If anyone can offer some information that might lead to either. I’d be very grateful. Thanksduggy