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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. I have a macrotech 3600vz amp in which the installed fan locks up due to 15+ years of running close to 24/7. crown does sell a replacement fan and fasco, the fan manufacturer, will not sell (or give any info) because it is an OEM part. there are two compartments which sandwich the fan spindle. They look like there are several small sponges installed, which I would assume are instended to be soaked with lubricant. Any suggestions or knowledge as to what 'sponges' and lubricant should be used for repair? thank you
  2. PSA-2

    I have a crown PSA-2 that works fine but when I was inspecting the inside i noticed the side of the fan relay case was melted away caused by the R1 resistor. The R1 fan resistor is running red hot and turning the board brown. when powered on the fan runs fine at low speed. What could cause this problem? Thanks, Rocco
  3. hello, my amp seems to be giving a random click since a while. i dont know how it comes.. the only thing i have noticed is that the fan does not go on directly when i turn the amp on. but this can also be because the fan goes on when the amp gets to hot. i have no equipment right here to test the fan... does anybody know after how much time the fan should go on? and do i heat up the amp if i do not connect any speakers? so i can test is the fan goes on when it gets hot... does the 24volt fan works if i test it with a lower current? or if anybody know were i can find more info... thank you!