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  1. XTi series amps.

    As of this moment there are no plans to make a 4-channel version. However nothing is ever out of the question eventually . I will pass your recommendation on to our marketing people. Thanks I would like to see an XTI-8000 for subs. Then this series of amps would be a complete line and a cost effective alternative to I-Tech.
  2. David Glass, are you there? 6031[/snapback] Anyone???
  3. David Glass, are you there?
  4. I down loaded the new VRX device file and loaded it into my I-Tech 4000s. Everything sounds great but it seems that the amps input levels read too high and /or clip way before the output. I would like to know what needs to be adjusted to make the input level within unity of the output. I am giving each amp a full range signal and I realize that the out put will be some-what different compared to the input because of the onboard DSP settings. What I have been doing for now is raising the bandpass gain considerably to even things out but I'm not too comfortable doing it this way and this way there is a lot of hiss as well.