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  1. Crown XTI 4000

    30v on the heatsinks checks. Is there a way to check the ada?
  2. Crown XTI 4000

    Greetings. One of My XTI 4000 starts up. Shows input signal on both channels. But doesnt produce any sound (both channels). Any ideas?
  3. Crown XTI 2000/4000

    I guess I will try to follow the "Kick start" routine and try to replace a couple of things... Kick start Once voltage is present on U14, switching begins. The clock frequency is determined by C69 and R367 and oscillates at approximately 250-260kHz. 180-degree phased clock signals are provided to U18 for generation of the low and high side gate drive waveforms on pin 7 and 5, respectively. The transistors Q26-Q30 serve to increase the current drive to the IGBTs Q28 and Q31. Switching commences for the time allotted by the discharge of C196, or approximately 100mS. During this time period the IGBTs transfer energy from the primary bulk storage (C57-C60) and the AC line through the resonant tank (C68 & L3) to the transformer, T1. The energy is magnetically coupled to the secondary of the transformer and hence C43-C48. Energy is also transferred back to C196 through D26. If the voltage at C196 is maintained at a point greater then the lower bound for the Vkstart sense comparator, U16B, then the controller circuitry becomes sustained by the converter itself and the kick start cycle is terminated. If for any reason the converter does not sustain the voltage on C196, the kick start cycle will repeat indefinitely approximately every 500-800mS. I will try the easy to find first (C196, D26). It looks like C196 is the one 'deciding' if the amp finishes the startup sequence... I will measure voltage at C196, if its ok I will replace it.
  4. Crown XTI 2000/4000

    Same issue no matter how many amps are powered.
  5. Crown XTI 2000/4000

    Well, this issue continues to be a problem. 3 XTI 4000 and 1 XTI 2000 on the same rack and all connected to same AC. When power is 100% all amps work fine. If power is not great, lets assume an 9 out of 10 (voltage about at 112 instead of 120+), one of the 4000´s fails to start. It turns on but never completes start up , shutting off right before it should open the channels(turn green). The reason I am posting again is that I had two amps fixed and are no longer having power up issues. The problem was that the service center replaced main boards on both amps, which is very expensive compared to the current price of these amps, specially used ones. Does anyone out there know where in the amp I should look to get this fixed? I would imagine that the power supply is detecting voltage that is lower than the actual one... I really dont care If I do something that completely breaks the amp, as I will apparently have to replace the mother board again....
  6. Crown XTI 2000/4000

    System is grounded. Removed ground just for testing/troubleshooting. Firmware 2032 for XTI amps?
  7. Crown XTI 2000/4000

    I believe that I am running the latest firmware ( One thing that I noticed is that the issues wont appear as much on good power scenarios (Like on large and well prepared clubs or when running on a generator). I was able to cause a failed startup (3 out of 5 tries) by connecting one of the amps to an ungrounded power cord (5 out 5 good startups at the same amp on grounded cord). Could a grounding issue be the problem? I also noticed that when the rack is not connected to a grounded AC, I can get a really nice shock by touching the amps. IS that ok?
  8. Crown XTI 2000/4000

    Thanks Alain, but you really think that it is possible that I have the same issue with 5 diferent amplifiers?
  9. Crown XTI 2000/4000

    Hi, I have issues with 5 diferent XTI amps. Before someone asks, amps have been tested outside the rack without any contact with the other amps. The issues I will describe are intermitent and present on some of the amps from time to time or sometimes at all amps at the same time: 1)Amps starts up just fine, but a second before the green light should turn green it turns off (relay clicks before going off). 2)After pressing the power button, the amps screens and input signal leds blink a couple of times like the amp was 'trying to start'; sometimes they do start, other times they shutdown. As mentioned, it has happened with all, some or none of the amps at any given day.
  10. XTI 40000

    Serial # 8001413389 Thanks CC.
  11. XTI 40000

    Hi there, I have a crown XTI 4000 that has the following issues: When connected to a computer using Band Manager, I can mute channel 1, but when I try to mute channel 2, the amp shutts off; it also shutts off (sometimes) when presetts are loaded using the computer or directly at the amp. When its going down, channel 2 shows input signal all the way til cliping. Channel 2 works fine when the amp is working. A couple of days ago, I turned the amp on and ch 2 produced noise that burned two drivers on my bi-amp monitors. Any ideas? I was thinking that it could be a firmware issue, I reloaded the latest firmware but the problems is still there a way to load a previus firmware? Thanks Charles C.
  12. XTI 2000

    One of my XTI 2000 amps show input on channel 2 even without any input cable connected to it. That "ghost" signal also shows up in system architect and disapears when I select Y input. any ideas? The amp works fine and does not produce any noise...weird... CC.