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  1. Mike, We hired a Acoustic Engineer to design the room layout. he is through with that but he doesnt recommend or sell sound equipment. but I dont know where to find somebody that has a lot of experiance to recommend what we should buy. If you know somebody in or around South Dakota, please send me contact information. or could you help me out some? between the Acoustic Engineer and somebody that knows a lot about Sound Equipment I think we could do it. I have some experiance, I did the sound in our old church, we were very pleased with it, but this is a lot bigger room so I dont trust me doing it all along. THANKS, DW
  2. Hi, I am new to the Crown Audio forum, its just what I was looking for. although I'm not sure if the question I have is what this forum is intend for. I am a church member and we are building a new church, and I need some advice what speakers (JBL) to install and what Crown amp is needed to drive them. room is 100' wide. and 70' long. seats 550ppl and would like a center cluster. any suggestions are welcome.