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  1. Pure Class! Get out and have a demo and hear for yerself
  2. Cheers David I have got it sorted now.
  3. Right! I am new to all this technology! I have moved from JBL full range cabs and 'plug and play' amps to this... 2x VRX 932la 4x 15" (600w 2226h) JBL loaded bass cabs 2x XTi2000 amps 2x Caudio XR3801 amps. What I am wanting to do is set up a small system where I run 1 XTi2000 amp into the 2 VRX's stereo. Underpowered I know but some of the venues I do are very small and won't need the high output they can achieve. With this I want to run 2 bass cabs running bridge mode from the other XTi2000 I have upgraded the firmware for the amps and have System Architect running. Can you please advise me how to set up the Xovers and EQ's to run smoothly the tops and the bass Once I know how to do this I will of course know how to set up the whole system as I intend to run the VRX's with an XTi each bridged. And then the subs will be run from the Caudio's with a Xover! Thanks p.s I have searched the forums from crown to Jbl and have had no joy so far. If you can point me in the right direction I would also appreciate that as well!