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  1. cycling in Xti 2000

    Yes I had this problem! When I got my amps back from Crown here in the UK I had to do a firmware upgrade. After doing so I had problems with one of the amps continuously rebooting itself. After a call to one of the Crown Techs and cacking my pants as I had a gig in a couple of hours he sent me an older version of the firmware. I think I was on 1141. And the guy sent me over 1131. which was a tried and tested firmware at the time. Anyway it got me through the gig and I have never gone back to change it to the newer upgrade. They said it may have been a glitch whilst downloading Ah, here ya go... my topic!
  2. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Interesting. I had 4 cabs blow one night using an XTI, it goes back to Harman in the UK to be told there was nothing wrong with the amp. Just waiting to see if my VRX932LA cabs blow, if they do someone owes me £3000 I have so far used the amps 3 times since returning from Harman. Before that they had been used for over 20 gigs untill I had the 4 cabs blow...... lets see what happens!
  3. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Yo Bro! If you want to knock your firmware back to 1.3 I think. I have a copy here which I use for my amps. You could try that or buy a fish pond pump
  4. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Ian, if you want real answers quick then I can send you Harmans number. I have a few good contacts since another problem I had with firmware. Also I have the number for the guy who did the drop test on the I Tech lol, he was stupid enough to give me his card. Spose he doesn't know I'm a constant/ persistant moaner!!!!
  5. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Yep same channel as mine boss, don't know if mine has been cured as they are (dare I say it) bridged! Mine always got resolved if they were switched off and then on.
  6. XTi EQ

    Not sure about Donnington as it's my birthday weekend and the wife will get shirty lol! Will sort something out soon
  7. Nope, apparently the latest version hasn't got much changes so I'm leaving it where it is for the time being. Sounded good but still needs tweaking
  8. XTi EQ

    Ear Phil, don't spose you want to spend a weekend down mine and help me sort my sound out etc and also design me a panel? (You can stick your tent in the back garden but it'll have to be soon as winter is fast approaching lol!
  9. Phil you don't get out of bed until 5pm lol! Cheers for the offer though, I'll give you a call in future! I must say though that the guys at Harman, Tom especially was very helpful. Credit to him! Well all the amps worked fine tonight so I'm a happy bunny for the time being
  10. Ok sorted now. Got hold of another guy from Harman and he sent me firmware and all is fine. I may have had a bugging download or the firmware has bugs!!
  11. Cheers! On the phone to Mark Ayres as I write!
  12. Any for the UK! Going to look out Harmans number... Cheers!
  13. After all the problems I have had I am really getting to a stage where these amps WILL go back to Harman...... again, for a refund this time! Both my XTi 2000's have just come back after a ribbon change and a bit of Glue to hold the cable in place on the board. Checking the firmware it was on 1110 or whatever and I see the latest is 1141 so I went through the process and upgraded both of the amps. I lost all the presets, no problem as I have back ups, loaded them up fine. Now when I start the amps up they both show Crown on the display and then shows the Preset I use. Then the amps either show the 'Ready' lights or if they don't, after around 20 seconds they click and reboot themselves showing Crown on display again and then the presets. I can only presume they are rebooting themselves, But WHY!!! Just to clarify though it doesn't say Reboot on the display. Eventualy after around 40 seconds the 'Ready' lights come on. Finally! (sometimes it takes longer after 3-4 reboots) I have reinstalled the firmware and it still happens I would appreciate a quick reply as I am using them in 6hrs time but I will be taking my C Audio's just in case!
  14. Quick update I had the sent back to Harman and they replaced the ribbon. Hopefully now it will be ok. Just seen the 'possible ribbon cable fix' thread on here and the guy use a couple of cable ties to hold the ribbon and the socket together. Looks good and may try it later
  15. Excellent! Keep them coming lol! Since my incident I have been brainwashed into thinking 'bridged is bad'. I would like to hear from others who have had BAD experiences now lol!