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  1. I have an XS900 powering two Peavey UL15 tops in stereo and an XS1200 powering two Peavey 118S subs in bridge mode. I don't know much about crossovers but am told I need one to get the most out of my gear. Can anybody recommend an affordable crossover for me please? Things seem to be slightly complicated by me needing a mono out for the subs and stereo for the tops... Thanks to anybody who can help. Stuart
  2. Aaaaaah..... I have entered a new period of my life. I shall call it my day of PA enlightenment. That makes perfect sense to me now and you are the first person that has given me a solid explanation. Everyone else I have asked these sort of questions to just gives me a vague sort of "it;s just better...". Thanks so much Bud, you've really sorted me out here. If you're ever in London drop me a line and I'll buy you a beer. All the best, Stuart
  3. I've tried to find the answer to this out but there seems to be quite a large discrepancy between various websites on what gauge cable should be used. I am using: Peavey PV2600 in bridge mode (4ohm load) --> 2600W Crown XS700 in bridge mode (4ohm load) --> 1900W I have absolutely no intention of running this set up at maximum, but in any case, is 2.5mm2 (does that equal 12 gauge?!? Lots of disagreement here) cable suitable for this? The cables are 10m long.
  4. Excellent, that makes sense now - for the first time ever! Thank you for an excellent, very clear explanation. I guess having 8 ohm speakers in this scenario is not such a good thing. I have 8ohm tops as well as 8 ohm subs which amounts to a very large power requirement. If I had bought 4ohm versions I guess that would have made it easier to get an amp that can deliver the required rms per channel... Which now makes me wonder why do people need 8 ohm speakers if there are 4 ohm version?!?! Lol! ... but that's another kettle of fish I guess. Thank you once again, very helpful indeed.
  5. But 2 x 2ohm speakers would have to be in series wouldn't it to add up to 4ohms? and surely nobody wants that. Let me tell you more specifically what I mean. I have: 2 x 8ohm speakers rated at 500W rms each I have a power amp that delivers 1900W rms in bridged mode with a 4ohm load (i.e. the two 8ohm speakers wired in parallel) so that's 950w per speaker, which is about perfect (aiming for double the rms rating of the speaker) Now, according to the manufacturer, if I instead wired one speaker per channel, the amp would only deliver 450w rms to each speaker - i.e. about half that in the bridged mode scenario, and that surely must be very noticable. So, my question is: why would anybody want to wire speakers way other than using an amp in bridge mode? If I was to power these speakers one-per-channel with the recommended power I would need an absolutely huge amp that would cost a fortune. I genuinely don't understand this and I'd like to know the answer!
  6. When you have two speakers to power, it seems to me that the cheapest/easiest way to do it is use an amp in bridged mode with the speakers in parallel. There seems to be a lot of people that frown on this though, why is that? From what I can see putting one speaker per channel always delivers less power than the way I describe above.
  7. Which Power Amp?...

    Thank you very much. It really does make me feel better knowing that someone like your good self thinks this is right. I'm not experienced enough with PA gear to feel comfortable about forking out £1000 without asking someone such as your good self. And yes I'm in UK. Thanks a lot for your time. Stuart
  8. Which Power Amp?...

    Apologies - All of those power ratings are RMS. Stuart
  9. Hi guys I really need your help... My Speakers: Peavey UL15 (500W / 8ohm) Peavey UL118S (800W / 8ohm) I need to buy amps to power these speakers. Can you please tell me if what I have worked out below is correct, suitable and safe? Peavey UL15 (500W / 8ohm) wired in parallel --> 4 ohm load Crown XS700 delivers 1900W in bridged mode to a 4ohm load --> 950W per UL15 Peavey UL118S (800W / 8ohm) wired in parallel --> 4 ohm load Crown XS1200 delivers 3000W in bridged mode to a 4ohm load --> 1500W per UL118S If this isn't a good set up, what can I change to make it better/safer? I'd be very grateful for any advice. Stuart