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  1. Hi! Has anyone used a tuning (preset file) successfully with an older XTi amplifier? ---Jim.
  2. Hi! Has anyone used a tuning (preset file) successfully with an older XTi amplifier? ---Jim.
  3. I'm having fits with my XTi 1000, 2000 & 4000 amps repeatedly going offline in both Audio Architect and Band Manager. It only happens when the amplifiers are producing power under load. I've tried connecting them each individually to the USB port on my notebook, and they'll stay online, but when connected through a D-Link powered 4 port USB hub, we get the symptom. I've tried putting the hub on a separate power source (thinking that maybe there was some power line voltage sag that was too fast for my meter), but no improvement. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas would be greatle appreciated!
  4. I have a model CH1 that's been in a 70V installation and providing service 24/7 for a couple of years with no problem, until a couple of days ago. On power-up both FAULT LEDs flash continuously, and the channel 2 CLIP LED remains on constantly. Also, no fan. The amp will not power up normally. This condition persists, even with no connections to the amplifier (except AC mains, of course), and regardless of any control settings. Anyone have a thought on where to begin troubleshooting this device? How about a service manual?
  5. Ok, I've been browsing the forums, and have seen a few things that seem related, but no clear answer yet---Here's my problem: I have three XTi amps, one 1000 and two 2000s. I'm trying to get my computer to access all of the amps simultaneously---that is, all three devices connected to USB ports on the same computer and connecting using System Architect 1.3. All three amps have firmware Using the Network Wizard, I have verified that all amps have different HIQnet addresses, by connecting each of them, one at a time, to a USB port. I am able to connect ANY TWO amps to different USB ports, and everything is fine. When I attempt to connect the THIRD amp, the computer crashes. In Windows XP Pro Device Manager I can see any TWO amps show up as Human Interface Devices, but when I attempt to connect the THIRD amp---CRASH! Is there some limit to the number of HIDs you can have connected in a XP system? What am I missing?