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  1. Newbie help

    Thanks so much. I feel relieved. My only concern is the crossovers in these cabinets have been known to sizzle. I guess if that happens , I will disconnect and use the IT's crossover. Thanks again for your help. Alan
  2. Hi everyone, I have an XTI1000 on the way. I am using it for two cabs with a 15" woofer and a horn in each. My question is.... Can I ( should I) disconnect the internal crossover in the cabs and connect the woofers to one jack and the horns to another jack on the cabs and then use the XTi's crossover to send one channel to the woofers and one channel to the horns? Also, I am wondering if I chose the right amp. My speakers are rated at 600 watts peak at 8 ohms. I was going to use them at first in stereo. This would be 275 watts at 8ohms. Should I run them together at 4 ohms and 500 watts? ahhhhh! Help!!!!!!