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  1. 3 speaker on bridge mode

    Your correct Lee!!!!!!!!! This is 1st use in peavey!! But what i mean by this set up is one amp use for sub ,briged mode 3 18"speakers . Cause i have tried this before with my 2 CS1000. driving 3 18" speaker per side . Now i'm just ask for your opinion. if it's ok to drive 2 K2 bridge mode 3 18"speaker per side. What do you think? Edgar
  2. need help setting my I-tech 8000

    DJ Vincenzo, I'm just curious what is the sound diffrence between i tech 8000 compare to K2? The power of I tech8000 per ch is more powerfull than K2 'S bridge mode is'nt it? Please give me a sound comparison. Edgar
  3. I have tried used 3 speaker on bridge mode one speaker on the ch1, reverse polarity speaker on ch2 and one speaker on the bridge mode red binding post. Is this recomendable on crown amplifiers? Edgar