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  1. weird

    well i just there im using a mixer between the amp and my computer. when i had just the speakers hooked up, 2 MTX's they sounded amazing, bass was good quality and mids and highs to. but when i unhooked those and tried to get just the subs, all i got was really high mids and highs, sounded like a ringtone
  2. weird

    How come when i hook my two 15 inch subs up to an 1000 watt amp i dont get any bass, all i am getting is trebel??
  3. Help!

    We were thinking about running the 15's and the MTX's off of the crown. is that possible to do or no? if not i have a sony receeiver to that we were thinking about using to run the KLH's... how do you set up 3 amps together to run off the computer. we dont have a mixer we just use itunes to run all the music.
  4. Help!

    The speakers are all 8 ohms. not sure by what you mean "preamp". This is a setup for a party room in our house. we have a big room and we throw big parties. *beep* went down with one of our roomates so we pulled the *beep* from his room and moved it, and the dude that helped us set it up the first time is not M.I.A. we have two KLH's (8ohms), two Allegras (8ohms) two MTX's (8ohms) and 2 15 in subs. i beleive that they were run stereo before. i know there is a possible way to do it im just not sure.. side note, would it be ok to run say the set of allegras and KLH's parrallel on the pioneer and run the MTX's and subs on the crown i just purchased? if so what am i going to need to run the crown with those, and also how do you run 2 amps together off one computer... Thanks for your time
  5. Help!

    How you all doin? im new to the boards and to amp's for the most part. i just bought a corwn xti 1000, and i currently own a pioneer. i am trying to run music from my computer to a bunch of speakers and a set of 15's. total there are 3 sets of speakers (6 speakers total) and 2 15 inch subs. Can someone help me with how i can run all of this off of 2 amps? thanks much appreciated.