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  1. Thank you David. Yes I am using the latest IQ software, and you have confirmed my guess about the BSS firmware numbers. Since the product is not even on order yet, I will go with the later firmware version. (I just hate to run with my best guess, only to find out that my best guess had nothing to do with the "logic" of whoever named the device!) again, thanks John
  2. I am doing my first file using a BSS 8810, and find four different devices listed. I am trying to do a system prior to receiving and connecting to the product, so cannot use Component Discovery. I am not using a Cobranet product, so that seems to cut out the ones with the C in the part number, leaving only two. Which one to use? Is the number "V2.00X" a firmware number? Odd that the data sheet does not make it more obvious that there are two different models: with and without Cobranet. Thanks in advance for the answer to a simple question.