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  1. Crown EQ-2 in Mono Mode

    David: Thanks for your reply to my question. Yes, Mr. Peabody did set the way back machine back a few years but I've not seen anything like the EQ-2 anywhere in present day hardware. Of course, maybe that's because it's all being done in software now. Anyway, I understand what you are saying and I guess the only part that will be confusing is having to go from one side to the next as I set things up. I reviewed the frequency table in the manual but it seems to me that there is either one more or one less frequency in the manual than there are slider switches on the EQ. That's what confused me but maybe I'm missing something or having trouble counting slider switches. Thanks. Ernie
  2. I hope the moderator won't mind me posting a question about a Crown EQ-2 equalizer. I've got a couple of these and there is a reference in the manual to being able to use them in Mono mode whereby they become full 1/2 octave equalizers. I'd like to do this in my system. My question is, does anyone know what the frequencies become for the center frequencies for the 11 small center frequency knobs on the front of the equalizer? Has anyone done this i.e. run the EQ-2 in mono mode and can they shed any light on how to set the system up doing this? TIA Ernie
  3. wanted crown dl2 preamplifier !

    GeneralMotive: They come up for sale from time to time on ebay. That's where I purchased my last one. Hope that helps.
  4. DL-2 Question

    David: Thanks for the response. Unfortunately, I googled NSNS784 and nothing comes up so I guess I'm out of luck. Thanks for the help. Ernie
  5. DL-2 Question

    Hopefully the moderator will excuse me posting a question about a preamp in the amp section but I don't see a place to post questions about preamps. I've got an old Crown DL-2 preamp that I've had for about 29 years that I really like. It seems to perform just fine even though it's as old as it is. The only issue that I've got with it is a couple of the segments in the LEDs that display the right channel volume have apparently burned out as they no longer light up. The segments that are burned out are the ones in the tens position in the volume display on the right channel. Is this part still available somewhere? Could someone tell me if there is anyone who migth be able to help me find the LED and/or replace it? Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  6. PSA2 versus SA2

    I've got a Crown SA2 amp that I've had for almost 30 years now. It's in need of some service and I'm going to have it taken care of shortly. My question is this. I have an opportunity to purchase a PSA2 which appears to be essentially the same amp save some power output LED's on the front. If I buy the PSA2, when the SA2 is repaired, can I use both of them in bridged mono mode, one on one channel and the other on the second channel? Thanks in advance for the assistance.