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  1. Eliminating AC Hum

    Thanks for the info, I bought a Furman PST-8 for $95 and it solved the problem perfectly!! Thanks for the help!!
  2. I have a XLS 602 3U that I am using for a home theater sub amplifier. I have it bridged and it worked great at my last house but now I have moved and have an issue. I get a very bad AC hum over the sub when I turn it on. I have tried plugging the amp into several different circuts in the house and have even tried a 3 prong to 2 prong adaptor and I still have the hum. Is there any other way to eliminate this hum? At this point I can not use my sub because the hum is so loud.
  3. XLS 602 3U

    Thanks everyone for the help, got my cable made up and now my home theater sub ROCKS!!! Thanks again!!
  4. XLS 602 3U

    Yep saw that in the manual, thanks!!
  5. XLS 602 3U

    TYVM, that is the info I was looking for!!! 5709[/snapback]
  6. XLS 602 3U

    I just recently bought a XLS 602 3U from a local shop and was wondering if this amp can be run in bridged mode? I see the newer 2U versions can be but I can't find any info on the older 3U models. Any help would be greatly appreciated.