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  1. D-75A as headphone amp

    Thanks David. That's what I thought, but it's always wise to find out for sure.
  2. I recently purchased a used (Jan 2002 manufacture date) D-75A. This thing looks like new, and I got it for next to nothing! I tested the amp with headphones and it sounds just as sweet as any other Crown amp that I've owned or used. Crown makes the best amps, period, IMO. I plan to use it as a headphone amp in my recording studio control room. I probably will never use it to power speakers -- I have a pair of self-powered bi-amped Mackie HR824 near-field monitors, and use my other Crown amps to power my large, bi-amped Fostex main monitors. Will it hurt the D-75A to use it without a speaker load? If yes, what is the best way to apply a "dummy" load to the amp's outputs? Thanks