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  1. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    The amps would have to looked at to see what is wrong with them. How many do you need? Can I start with just one? Maybe the problem can be fixed via a firmware update? Aaron
  2. XTi4000 ch2 no HF output

    Just saw this post after having this issue a second time this past weekend. So it seems this is a problem with the XTI4000s. I have 7 of them. The one this weekend was fine after an on/off. I had a couple others drop the HF on both channels during an event a month back. Freaked me out. It was in the middle of an event for 1,200+ people. Couldn't really reset them. Fortunately they came back to life after a few minutes. there a fix for this? Short of sending the 3 of I've had the problem with and waiting for the other 4 to act up. Actually the other 4 are running subs so this particular problem won't effect them. Aaron
  3. I-techs?

    All excellent points. The thing is, according the Crown charts at 4 ohm with slight clipping we should be pulling 14.6 amps. Again, we are 100% certain we are on our own dedicated 20A circuits. In one case we did have a power distro box sitting right next to us. Voltage was 115-122 all night. I guess I was expecting a 20A cirucuit to work for us with the iTech 8000 since we rarely get the clip lights to blink at all. Building a PDU with a 30A circuit for the iTech is not a problem. Or buying one from Motion Laboratories. The problem is most venues won't allow us to use it. It's a sad and unfortunate reality in my market. Thanks for all the input. It sounds like the draw is just greater than 14.6A in our case. Aaron
  4. I-techs?

    I'm 100% certain I've been on a dedicated 20A circuit a couple times that I've blown it. With between 115-120 volts. The facility provided a 100A service break out box just for me. I was debating on getting one of the 20A Furman PM-Pro Series II units that displays the voltage and amperage draw. I use one of the 15A versions ( on the miscellaneous mixers, cd players, processing, etc.
  5. I-techs?

    I have an i-tech 8000 I use to power 4 Yorkville LS1208 subs. 2 cabinets on each side in parallel. So the amp sees a 4 ohm load per channel. Running the amps for a about 3 hours at below clip (probably coming close...but never lighting the clip light) I've popped 20amp circuit breakers 3 times now. I'm runnning a 50' 10/3 Yellow Jacket extension cord to the outlet (which in one case was fastened to the breaker box..Power Distro box). The cord isn't coiled or anything. From the charts I figured I was maxing out at 14.6 amps. Obviously a little loss through the extension cord...but I thought that would be 1-2% loss...less than 1A for sure. I'm loving the amp. I just need to find a way to stop popping breakers. The temperature in the rooms does get hot. Sometimes 95 degrees or more. So that's the air that's being used to 'cool' the amp. Not much I can do about that. A hot school gym is a hot school gym. Any suggestions are welcomed. Aaron Magical Attractions - Professional DJ Services