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  1. Hello, I am a sound tech for my school, CHS. We currently are preforming The Sound Of Music, and we are having some issues. First off, we need more wireless microphones, but apparently we have run out of frequency space, and we will start to have interference if we have many more microphones, at least according to the person who installed our last wireless tower. We have 3 other places around the school that use mics besides our stage, but none would be turned on during our show. Does any1 have any suggestions on how we could add more microphones, with out interference from other mics, frequency wise. (BTW we have 11 wire-less mikes currently). My second question is in regards to condenser mikes. We need some condensers that will pick up the whole stage, such as if we have a chorus come in, we can just use one or 2 and pick them all up. Does any1 have any suggestions on what we should be using? This all would be greatly appreciated, im a little stressed trying to figure out what im supposed to do, seeings how i dont understand all of the mumbo-jumbo, like dHz ext. Thats something i gotta pick up, but thats for later