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  1. Speakon on Bridged Mono XTI4000?

    Ive also created a special little speaker cable. 4 conductor with bare wire on one end and a chassis female speakon mount on the other end. The bare wire stays in the amp rack under the binding posts. This way I dont have to keep or mark special cables for this use. I used four conductor, so that I can send out multiple signals, to different things depending on how I'm setup(bi-amping/two subs/tops+sub). Similar to setting up a rear patch pannel, which is the plan eventually. Something like this.
  2. XTi 2000 help

    Ok, I've removed the top on the problem amp (and all my other XTi as well), and reseated the cable. And everything looks fine on the inside, no burnt or bad traces/connections or any noticeable problem spots. And had the amps running for 24 hours, without a dropped channel. However that one XTi 2000 is still putting out that noise. It is very faint, something similar to the hiss from the horn, and only starts after about an hour from a fresh cold start. I thought reseating the cable had fixed it, as it wasn't there right away, but came in about an hour later. So maybe it has to do with the amp being warm? Is this normal, or have anyone had this trouble before? Other than this, the amp seems to be performing well. Maybe next I'm at them, I can try to switch faceplates of the two 2000's, and see if the problem goes with the faceplate or the amp guts. That way I can help define the problem. I did notice that these two used 2000's I got were manufactured on June 29/06, so I would imagine that they were one of the first to be produced. I have also tried it on different yammie speakers, with the same noise present. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. XTi 2000 help

    Hey, I recently added two XTi 2000 to my rack. One of the amps seems to be working fine, and similar to my other XTi 4000 in the rack, however one of the amps I'm having trouble with. First off it is making a very annoying tone, to which I matched to about 1400hz. It is very faint, almost unnoticeable in program, but it worries me. It is mostly constant, but has faded away for short (2-3sec) periods, and then faded back in. This happens with or without any input connected, and happens in both channels. When the amp is shut off, the tone will sweep down slightly before I can hear the amp cut it off. This second problem I've been having (with the same amp) is channel 1 will drop out. I will completely loose volume in the channel. I then figured out that if I pushed the channel (increased the volume so that the output meters in SA were at half), that it would cut back in, and work fine for awhile. I also noticed that the pink noise generator would output fine on bad channel (input program would not work, but pink noise would in bad channel), and that if the input mode to link, that channel 2 would act the same and not output power. I have connected them to SA with no problems and have upgraded the firmware (made a big difference to pops and cracks on startup/shutdown with both amps). Program was very light music, as it was evening in my house, and pushing the amp was not an option. All tests were done of a set of JRX125 4 ohm cabinets, amp in stereo. What should I do next? I purchased these amps used from the US (I'm in St. John's, NL, Canada). They should still be under the 3 year transferable warranty still, correct?