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  1. Hi. I have recently installed a venue with 20 pcs of XTI 6000. To my big surprise I have noticed that when running at low input signal, or none, the XTI close down the output, just like a gate function. I have already a rig with 9 pcs. of Itech6000 where the input noise gate only is available for adjustment through IQwic, and not System Architect. Where du I adjust the gate level for the XTI6000? Best regards Kenni Hansen Pro Event Denmark
  2. I am running system architect 1.9, and when i start up IQuick i cant find my Itech´s, and is missing its oif file. I have recently updated them with dsp firmware ver 2.122 and display ver Can you Crown guys please send me the latest oif version? Best regards from cold Denmark Kenni Hansen Pro Event