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  1. XTI 2000 - ok to idle longterm?

    Hey, quick question, I have an XTI 2000, and I want to hook it up as an alarm clock (yeah, overkill i know). I have a cool little alarm clock program on my computer and a line level input that I can hook into the amp. The only thing is that this will require the amp to be on all night long for at least a few nights in a row. Is there a problem with idling these amps long term like that? I think the fans are variable so it won't be whirring all the time, but I just wanted to see if there was some other unforeseen issue. Thanks, Isaac
  2. XTI 2000 "ffffffffff" sound and channel 2 drops out

    I would be careful soldering on these amps. It's all pretty much one circuit board, and if you goof, Crown might not honor the warranty. I would just send it in and let them mess with it. As far as the ffffffffff noise, I would say its normal. I own an XTI 2000, and I have some hiss too. Your denon was a hi-fi unit, and your klipsch are also very hi-fi. The XTI, while excellent at producing high SPL, is not going to be as sonically accurate nor as quiet as your denon. IMHO, it was designed for a different purpose (high SPL, lower sonic accuracy). If you can live with it great, if you are looking for the utmost sonic performance, check out Rotel, Krell, or (my favorite) Ampzilla ( Just FYI, I use Crown XTI 2000 w/ LX1515 B52's <- DJ set Great American Sound (GAS) Son of Ampzilla (30+ yrs old but professionally rebuilt) w/ Klipsch Cornwall II's <- Home set Both are great for what they do, but I wouldn't want swap them for each other's jobs...
  3. XTi 2000 issue

    Ok, First of all, this is my first post in this forum, so I'm a little excited. However, It's unfortunate that my first post has to be something negative. Here is a brief description of what is happening... I have a XTi 2000, and currently, there is no output at channel 1 Neutrik connector when amp is powered up and input signal is supplied to both channels. Channel 1 & 2 indicator lights (signal, -20, -10, clip) all illuminate appropriately. Problem is intermittent. and here is a more detailed description... No output on channel 1 at the Neutrik binding post. LED lights (signal, -20, -10, clip) light up appropriately on both channels, but there is no output on channel 1. The amplifier is set up correctly, because the problem only recently manifested itself. It worked fine before. The problem is intermittent, but is not fixed by turning the amp on and off. The amp failed one night at a gig. I tried it at home several days later and it was fine. The next gig, it wasn’t working again. It remained broken for the entire gig (several hours) both times. I isolated the amp as the problem by leaving everything else set up and using a different amplifier. Sound came out of both speakers when I used the other amp. Each channel drives one B-52 LX1515 speaker (700 watts @ 4 ohms) The amp is kept in a rack box supported at the front and back with rack ears. It is allowed venting at the front and back of the box. I called crown about this and sent the amp in. They returned it and said that it checked out ok. I used it at another gig after that, with the same problem. I do have one other piece of information that may or may not be related. I was at a gig, and wasn't getting sound out of the left speaker (problem side) and I accidentally jiggled the neutrik connector at the speaker, and it started to play sound. What baffles me though, is that when the amp isn't working, I can swap it out for another amp, without even touching the neutrik cable at the speaker end and then it will work. Its not the speaker that is broken, becuase they get swapped from side to side, and its always the left side, and the cables are the same way - they get rotated from side to side, but I have never had a problem with the right channel (channel 2). Maybe this is related, maybe its random, but I figured I'd mention it. I am totally stumpted, and a little irratated that my equipment is failing me. So is there something I am missing? Does this even sound like it could be an amp issue? I've tried to isolate the problem as much as possible, but because its so intermittent, its really difficult. Suggestions, comments, or advice would be great! Thanks in advance! Isaac Freeman Entertainment