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  1. I need ideas. We have 2 Crown amps with IQ PIP Lites. The system drives 4x70V lines (impedance ranges 45- 90 at 1K for the 4 lines). The lines need to be supervised because they are part of the voice-evac for the facility. If I use a moderate signal and drive the lines everything is OK. If there is a fault, the Aux puts out 15 volt and it trips a relay. However, the Zoo wantes the system quiet most of the time. The animals (Gorillas) get agitated with constant noise. With out making noise, the "nominal impedance starts to fluctuate and eventually triggers a fault on the fire panel. It was sugested to solve the problem we could run a 17-18K tone and this would be above the range the patrons would hear. The animals do hear this and it would be a problem. Is there a way to make this work? Are there different cards that would work better? Fire Marshal comes Friday. In a different facility we used USP-2 Ultra Series with the Crown System Interface and it works great. I understand these components are no longer available. We use IQwin with that system.