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  1. Is it possible to power 6 JBL Control 30 with one Crown XTi 2000 amp (3 per side)? How should they be wired?
  2. XTi 4000 and SRX 712M

    Thank you. I will try to run them in stereo at first. My follow up question is the following: How do I wire them to run in bridged mono mode? Do I just run a speakon from ch1 to one 712 and then from that same 712 a speakon to the other (I'm assuming both speakons will only have +1 and -1 active)?
  3. 1 XTi 4000 bridged mono to 2 JBL SRX 712M. Is this a good match? Will this make each box see 1,600 watts? I plan to run this setup with a powerd sub. Is anyone running a similar set up? Thanks.
  4. I've encountered the need to "protect" the settings of my equipment as I find now the need to leave the area of my equipment to check on other gigs. I currently have a rack with the following components top to bottom: dbx 215XL dbx 166XL dbx 234XL Three Crown XTi 4000 I want to put a 2 space plexiglass cover over the limiter/compressor and x-over units ( ) and leave the eq exposed. I also want to cover the amps using three 2 space metal perforated rack panels to eliminate access to the amps' DSP and attenuators ( ). The perforation states 63% open area. All of this is in one rack. My questions is the following: Will the amps have sufficient ventilation or do I risk overheating them if I use these security covers? If so, do you recommend any other security devices to block tampering without risk of overheating? Thanks.
  5. Is it OK to run two XTi 4000 amps thru a single 15A AC line? I see the manual states that the 4000 will run at 8A. My Furman is max 15A and most venue circuits are rated at 15A as well. Do I need to split the AC of the amps to separate venue circuits? Also, all my gear is plugged in to my Furman PLII-8. Does the amperage draw of two running 4000 amps at high outputs put me at risk of shutting down or blowing a circuit? Please advise, thanks.
  6. XTi bridged mono

    Thank you, I think I'll keep running them stereo. Parallel drops me to 2 ohms and I don't want to run the amp that hard. And Series puts me at half the output due to the increased resistance (right?).
  7. XTi bridged mono

    How can I connect two JBL MRX 518s subs to one XTi 4000 in bridged mono mode without dropping down to 2 ohms? Is there a specific way to wire the speakons so as not to end up with a parallel (daisy chain) connection? Please advise. Thanks.
  8. Crown XTi and JBL MRX 512M

    Thanks for your reply. I will stick with the XTi 4000 amps for the 512M, 525 and 518S
  9. Crown XTi and JBL MRX 512M

    A MRX512s?? I think you meant a MRX512M. The 512M Program Power rating is 800 watts/8-ohms so it would be looking for an amp that could do about 800 watts into 8-ohms in the power range of 640 to 1000 watts. The XTi4000 would be the closest match to this doing 650 watts/8-ohms. 5574[/snapback] Yes, the "s" was to designate plural. Why am I not mathcing minimum continuous output from the crown manual to continuous from the JBL manuals and instead to program? Does this mean that my MRX525 speakers are underpowered with the 4000? Thanks for the promt response.
  10. I currently have 2 Xti 4000 amps powering 2 JBL MRX 525 dual 15" 2 way and 2 JBL MRX 518 18" subs. For smaller events I want to use 2 JBL MRX 512 12" 2 way. Which XTi is the most suitable to power the 512s? Is the 2000 too much? Can I get away with using the 1000? Thanks for your help.