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  1. Multiple XTI through USB

    The addrssses for the XTI/CDi/DSi may look like a MAC address but they are actually a serialized ID that is used by MS Windows via the USB Port. Likewise it is not the amplifiers serial number. Mac addresses are only used by an Ethernet network. Our engineers are looking at several things right now and needed to know a little more about the amp(s) you have. We are narrowing in on it and as soon as we know something I will let you know. As far as we can tell it is not our issue directly but more than likely related to a little known MS Windows USB bug that we need to find a work around. 5715[/snapback] Where are they at getting this fixed? Im getting close to another show and im getting itchy fingers to use this things with all their bells and whistles. thanks.
  2. Multiple XTI through USB

    What about the MAC addresses? Were you just checking that they were different?
  3. Multiple XTI through USB

    I think I used System Architect to do it initially as I read that as being the way to do it. But I have used the Cloader program later as well. But the directions for using CLoader tell you to use a .hex file. I cant seem to find one, but there is a .s file (XTI11110.s) which loads. The devices MAC addresses are 0000.0022.0886 and 0000.0022.052e
  4. AHHH! Ok so what voodoo magic do I have to perform to get more than one XTI amp to connect to my computer. I have both of them plugged in and I can turn one on at a time and control them, but as soon as I turn more than one on the computer instantly blue screens. I have updated the amp firmware to and am running the System Architect I have changed the addressing as is directed here I have seen some talk of needing a USB hub, is that absolutely required for it to work or can I not just use multiple ports on my computer. Additionally, where and in what instruction manual is any of this really documented well, I've had to search around the internets way too much I feel. :angry: Thanks! Jason