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  1. XTi2000 Signal Problem

    Not had a pronlem with volume knob just shows signal present all the timeon second channel, even when it is showing signal present the amp still seem to work ok (if that makes sense and over time it cuts in and out but not affect by knob)
  2. XTi2000 Signal Problem

    i Have the same Problem with one of my XTi 2000, dosent always seem to affect the use of the amp but does some times. any answers to the problem ??
  3. XTi overactive fan syndrome

    i have the same problem with a 4000 any ideas??
  4. XTI 4000 Fan problem

    i have 2 xti's 2x 2000 and a 4000 at the moment the 4000 fan is at full speed all the time stright from the word go. is it software controllable?? or a hardware problem. Also one channel of the 2000 is showing signal on the metres as iff there is a ground loop. (this problem is still there with input cable removed and amp removedd from rack) any ideas anyone ??
  5. Custom Panels

    Is there Anywhere Where people can share there custom panels that they have designed for system architect??
  6. xti wireless control

    ive been looking at doing this, by using remote desktop acessing from a wireless laptop to a rackmount Pc anyone had any luck at doing this ??