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  1. The new MA5000i --- fan noise

    I don't think it would be much louder than the fan on an old Power Base considering the age difference. I would expect that with all the new bearing technologies put in PC fans, that would have carried over easily enough to an amplifier fan...so I personally wouldn't be too worried as the PB2 I use is really really noisy and at least 10 years old. So my solution is to just crank it
  2. Power Base 2 Fan Replacement

    Ahhh well, drat. I had my hopes. Thanks for the help. In that case though, there's no hope of quietening the fan short of putting the amp in another room is there?
  3. Hi all, To anyone who can help, is there any way I can replace the fan in a Power Base 2? There's nothing wrong with the fan in the one I have now, but I'm using it in a home environment and it is incredibly loud. Could it be replaced with a quiet PC cooling fan? If so, is there a CFM range I should be looking at? I actually looked at the fan itself, and it doesn't use regular mounting holes (by regular I mean compatible with a PC fan) but that could be taken car of. The problem I have is the power supply to the fan. How many volts, amps etc etc or does that really matter? Anyways, that should cover everything, so thanks for any help. One last thing; the amp was bought w/o and shouldn't have one anyways it's so old...thanks again! Paul
  4. Com-Tech Help

    Ok sweet
  5. I thought HPFs filter lower frequencies (thus the name) and vice vera with LPFs......wouldn't setting the HPF on the XTi cut the bass??
  6. Old MacroTech turn on problems

    Was the insulation on the cables you replaced after the problem came back? Also, do the amps run fine after they have started up completely?
  7. XTI4000 Wierd problem with volume

    OR you guys have really bad luck Nah, you're probably right just a manufacturing defect on maybe a couple hundred parts, happens all the time
  8. can you describe the strange sound? Is it buzzing or something like that?
  9. Com-Tech Help

    One more thing, how much power could a CT-410 put out in parallel mono either 2 or 4 ohm? The manual does not state....thanks
  10. XTI 2000 lights

    That seems reasonable. These speakers are 96db efficiency, which is probably more with room gain and all. I never realized they weren't using so little power
  11. Xti 4000s power?

    Hmm, strange
  12. Com-Tech Help

    Ok, thanks very much. As of right now, I have no way of getting full impedance curves, so I can only make assumptions, but that helps tremendously
  13. XTI 2000 lights

    OK, as usual, I stand corrected. I turned the volume up to about -43dBs and got a reading of 1 volt. Dead serious. This was plenty loud and actually, louder than I usually listen to music with. Part of this is probably the efficient speakers I use but would still mean that, assuming 3/4 of a volt, would mean............... 7/100 watts....
  14. XTI 2000 lights

    The thing is, I was trying to find out the watts being put out by my stereo reciever so I'd have a general idea of how many I use during normal use. The volume ranges from -80dB to +10dB and it was on -54dB. The max wattage of the amps is 80 watts into 8 ohms, so I'm not sure cranking it will do much, though I will certainly try...
  15. XTI 2000 lights

    Chris, I just tried reading the AC volts on my amp and got no reading. I had the meter set to 50v AC and even the speakers playing an no reading. I tried it on 10v as well and nothing. Its a needle meter (I already had one) and the batteries work, the meter is not broken. I even pulled the speaker wire and put the contacts directly on the binding posts and nothing. Is there something I'm doing wrong (yes, red was to red, black to black, a connection was made, I was able to test the impedances of everything)? I don't know what the problem is. Please help