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  1. XLS 602B Buzz?

    Alright I think I solved the problem. It seems to be fine whenever It is pluged into a source. However, I would still like to know if it's normal for it to buzz with nothing hooked up to it.
  2. XLS 602B Buzz?

    ok, I have done some more testing. When I hook the amp up to my portable CD player and turn the CD player on. I can turn the gain up all the way and its dead quiet. I turn the CD player off and the buzz come back. So this is what I have concluded so far. Portable CD player: No Buzz Preamplifier With Regular CD Player: Lots of buzz Just the amp nothing plugged in: Slight Buzz
  3. XLS 602B Buzz?

    I do not have anything connected to the amplifier inputs. All the TV's in my house were off and i even triend turning all the dimmers off. The sound persists. I have it pluged into a dedicated circuit. I am wondering if it is an amp problem.
  4. XLS 602B Buzz?

    I have been doing alot of reading online about what causes noise in amplifiers. So far I have found out that transformers, Florescent lighting, and dimmers are major culprits of creating this sound. The reason I believe that the problem is Power related is because, A. my house is loaded with Florescent lighting, transformers, and dimmers EVERYWHERE! and B. When I hook the speaker up to the two positive binding posts (as it would be if it were bridged) There is no noise.
  5. XLS 602B Buzz?

    Hey, I recently purchased a crown XLS602B. When i turn it on and turn the volume all the way up... with nothing pluged in, there is a slight buzz in the background. I don't know if this is normal, or if it is a fault. Usually i consider the background noise of an amplifier to be more of a hiss than a buzz. The buzz I am hearing is not loud, but its noticeable when the volume is all the way up. If you get up close to the speaker and put the volume about half way up the buzz is still subtly there. With the volume all the way down there is no buzz. Is this normal operation, or do you guys think I have something wrong? I read about a guy using the 402 for home theater on DIYaudio forums. He raves about the quality and never mentions a buzz. This is my first crown, and other than this I am extremely pleased with it. P.S. This is done with nothing plugged into the amp