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  1. I have 6 srx728's I have been using the XTI 4000 in bridged mono for each 728 for over four years without any issues. They work great
  2. Multiple XTI through USB

    Basically what is happening is the amps are dropping off line and as they come back on line the software needs to sync to them. Here are a few things to check: *Verify each amp has a different HiQnet address. By default when a new USB XTi/CDi/DSi is plugged in System Architect wants to address it as address 1 duplicate address could cause syncing issues. *Make sure you are using a powered USB HUB (one that uses an external power supply and doesn't draw its power from the USB connection) and that it is switched to be self powered. If the USB HUB is not self powered the amps could loose connection randomly causing the issue you are describing. I have checked the addressing I have seperate addresses on each amp. My hubs are powered. I have even changed out the hubs. I dont think it is a cable issue because the problem jumps around between each of my eight amps ramdomly. Is there something else I could check. Thanks Gary
  3. Multiple XTI through USB

    I posted my problem over a month ago about the sync divice pop up with no response. Am I the only one having this problem. Digimax
  4. Multiple XTI through USB

    The addrssses for the XTI/CDi/DSi may look like a MAC address but they are actually a serialized ID that is used by MS Windows via the USB Port. Likewise it is not the amplifiers serial number. Mac addresses are only used by an Ethernet network. Our engineers are looking at several things right now and needed to know a little more about the amp(s) you have. We are narrowing in on it and as soon as we know something I will let you know. As far as we can tell it is not our issue directly but more than likely related to a little known MS Windows USB bug that we need to find a work around. 5715[/snapback] Where are they at getting this fixed? Im getting close to another show and im getting itchy fingers to use this things with all their bells and whistles. thanks. 5849[/snapback] We have this issue fixed and it will becoming out in the next release of firmware shortly. The engineers want to address a few other things in this release before posing it. 5894[/snapback] I Loaded the firmware update. The multiple usb problem seems to be solved, I am using it on eight amps but my problem now is that the sync divice dialog box randomly pops up, even when there is no activity. It randomly jumps between each of the eight amps. I loaded the firmware and watched the amps with no sound and no changes to anything and the dialog boxes just kept on coming up. I checked yes to all each time. and waited , sometimes it would only take a few seconds and other times it may wait up to ten minutes before it would pop up again. It even poped up once while I was adjusting an EQ. the sinc divice box was for a different amp than I was working on. Could be anoying if it happened during a live show, because it covers up the box you already have open. Has anyone else had this problem. Thanks, Gary
  5. Multiple XTI through USB

    Has anyone tried the Anywhere USB with the xti's? since the problem appears to be MS windows to USB. Would the same conflict be present in the anywhere USB since it is connected to windows via ethernet. Just a thought. Thanks Gary Davis Digimax Productions
  6. Multiple XTI through USB

    I am having the same problem with my xti's. I loaded the newest firmware and assigned a different address to all of them. If I plug them in one at a time they show up as different amps and I can make every adjustment. When I plug in a second amp at the same time it crashes my computer. I have tried a hub with a power supply' and have plugged directly into two usb port in the computer the same thing happens. I have tried three different computers with the same result. any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks