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  1. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Hi Bud, Sorry to hear of the failure. Please have it returned to the service center and let them know of your history and they will take care of the unit for you. Thanks for using Crown. Regards, jstutzman
  2. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Hi Bud, I understand your desire for the PC boards to be repaired at the component levels. I use to work on computers (main frame, not pc's) and fix them at the component level, but after the advent of the high density IC's it was no longer feasible to repair to the component level and it was more cost affective to replace the circuit boards. This is due to the time and cost of locating the failed component compared to the price of a new board. Unfortunately amplifiers today are falling in to the same category with the advent of IC's and SMT's in use. These new components allow us to give you more features at a lower cost, but also have the side affect of making it more complex and costly to repair to the component level. I am sure that you would not be willing to pay $60+ per hour for a service tech to try and locate a failing component with in a complex circuit compared to the cost of a replacement circuit board. Yes the cost of a component is less then the circuit board, but the labor cost of locating and replacing the right component is much higher in most cases. This also allows us to have the units repaired and returned to the customers in a short time. This is important as most of our customers use our products for their business.
  3. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    Thanks for the reply, Any time you run into a situation where you can not get service or they can not fix it, let us know and we will work with you. Please understand that in some countries technical skills may not be at the same level as here in the US. A distributor has our contact information for assistance on service issue and we encourage them to contact us for assistance if the service information that we provide to them on our service web site does not help them. Crown also holds official service schools internationally in which all of our distributors are invited to attend. We try to do our best to provide quality service world wide. If you need service on your amplifier and can not get it locally, please contact our technical support center and they will assist you Jstutzman
  4. CE2000 Power-On Problem

    International warranty support ---- There is a lot of misunderstanding on Crown’s position on warranty service for our products when they are purchased in one country with the intent to be used in another. The Crown 3 year warranty is in affect with in the country that the products are purchased. The misunderstanding is that if a product is purchased in one country and taken into and used in another country that the warranty is valid with in the country that the produce is taken to. This is not true do to the following reasons. All of Crown’s and all other Harman Pro distributors are independent distributors that are not owned by Harman, but are under agreement to sell and support our products with in their own country. Please understand that none of the Harman companies pay a commission to our distributors for selling our products. They are required to purchase our products, warehouse them, market, support and establish a distribution network to sell our products. This is an expense to our distributors and they only receive income when they sell the products to their customers. They do not make any money on warranty service. Since it is at their expense that they provide the service and support they cannot nor do we expect them to support products sold by a different distributor/dealer. That is responsibility of the selling distributor/dealer. Crown/Harman does not restrict a customer from buying our products and carrying them into a different country for their use. We do however ask them to understand that with the perceived savings that many think they are receiving by doing this that they are also responsible to understand that the warranty is valid, but they will have to return the product to either the selling dealer or to Crown in the USA. For our international contractors who have projects in various countries and are doing turnkey installations, we give them two choices, either they will supply the needed support to the customer or they contract with our local distributors for the support. I hope this give you a better understanding of our policy and the reasons for them. Jerry Stutzman Director of International Sales Crown International