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  1. I am from Europe. This mean that I can buy this amp and have full 3 year warranty from Crown? Do I need to send amp to seller from which I buy amp (fairly costly) or I can go to some local Crown service close to Croatia? You can via serial number check entire service history? Just like for car via VIN number before buying (to be safe)? thanks
  2. Hello On ebay is allot crown amps and many of them is B-stock, manufacturer refurbished, some have "full crown warranty", some from dealers...Prices can be 1/3 new product. What support end-user can expect from this sellers/dealers? Is that good deal? How to check what is repaired, amp real working hours? Maybe if someone can write some words about this refurbished amps, B-stock etc....? examples: thanks
  3. Manufacturer specified AC current consumption for entire spectar 20hz-20khz. Example: 4000W bridge mode and 4ohm, 8A for 230V. OK. But, if I drive with this amp only subs from 35-150hz is it AC cons. lower than 8A? For me be idealy that I can drive to full power 3 of these amps from on one 16A socket. Which is your experience with ac draw from amps? This can be tricky to get enoug ac from wall in some places.
  4. Hello... In close future I need to buy new sound system for my club and rent dj company. System will have Crown I-tech amps (4x8000 and 1x4000) and EAW avalon dc series speakers. 2 itech 8000 in stereo mode for subs, 2 itech 8000 for lows and one itech 4000 for midhigh. These speakers need crossover, delay 5-6ms for subs and 2-3band parametric eq per amp or chanell. I am read itech manual but I cant succesfull info about combination filters. My question is: do I need eaw MX8750 processor or I-tech can process all this parameters instead eaw processor? thanks