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  1. XTI2000 no display

    I am dis-satisfied also. I have purchased a total of five XTI amps and one has what looks like black ink in the display. Two have the cutting in and out problem while the signal light is lite and one when you are using the Y input, when the volume knob is all the way down, sound still comes out of the speakers. I have a show tonight and fear a gig nightmare and I am charging very good money for NYE. I unfortunately do not have any backup amps so I am stuck. I have emailed Crown and hiqnet@crownaudio.com and have not received a response since I sent the email on 12/23/06. I understand its during the holidays but people with shows coming up need support. I also read on the forums how good Crown is with support but have also seen where they are not doing such a great job such as you saying you received an amp from the factory that still does not work.
  2. I am having the same problem. The new release of SA seems to have been released with the S-Record file type instead of the hex file type. I also have an XTI2000 that is cutting off when the signal light is on. I have to shut the amp off and back on or change presets to get rid of the problem. The same channel has an issue with the volume knob. When it is turned all the way down, I still have sound coming out of the speakers. Not very much but some, about the same as if my other amps are set on two clicks from the off position. I have emailed hiqnet@crownaudio.com but have not received a response. If anyone has any knowledge about the S-Record problem or the cutting off problem please let me know.