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  1. Do I need an additional crossover?

    (Continuous/Program/Peak) 800 W/ 1600 W/ 3200 W. Bridged, the XTi1000 will give it 1400. That should be enough for what I am wanting to do. Thanks for your assistance. Will I need to mess with the high pass filter or another setting on the 4000 that is powering the 2-MRX525s?
  2. I recently purchased the following for our church's new sound system: 1 Crown XTi 4000 amp 1 Crown XTi 1000 amp 2 JBL MRX525 speaker cabs 1 JBL MRX528 dual-18" subwoofer cabinet It is my plan to run the 2 MRX525s in stereo using the XTi 4000. I also plan to run the MRX528 through the XTi 1000 (bridged). My question is this: Will I need an additional crossover to go along with these amps, or is there a way to link them together and use the built in crossover? I thought about simply messing with the DSP on both amps to send certain frequencies to the mains/subs, but I'm not real sure what I am doing since this is my first real experience doing pro audio stuff. Any advice and/or help from one of you out there in Forum-land would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.