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  1. Some one HELP please...

    lol....!!!!! i like you...!!!!! your coo.... im just stressed at this whole thing..... hey cause of you i know what to do!!!!!!!! thank bro!... ttyl.
  2. Some one HELP please...

    hey thank you...!!!! ya, i over looked the wattage! knowing how to hook them up and understanding the internals is to complete sides of the fence! but i know now what i need to do... so i'll be buying a xti-4000!!!!! thanx to all!!! happy new year... stephine or what ever! thank you too and kiss my...... in the nicest way!!!! never tell someone they don't know what they are doing! just give advice!!! i hope that you don't work for crown because if you do.. i would seriously consider not buying anther amp over you... because that is a put down!!!!!!!!!!! i've been in 12volt audio for 6 years... previous out 1 year... this stuff is completly different but for the most part simiular with different connectors... anyways.... happy new years bro ( stepene ) and to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Some one HELP please...

    so i plug absouly nothing into channel 2? only change the end of the wire that is going to the amp which will be +1 +2. then jumper the speaker together..? is this corect? in mono does it still split the wattage? if it's 1200 its 600 per. speaker?
  4. Signal light always on

    is it in bridge mono mode.... surley this is just showing that your amp has signal.. which is a good thing! if it didn't show it.. then you whould probley be in trouble. if you only plug the amp in.. not hooked up to nothing what happens? i mean no speaker contected, mixer ect... just pluged in... when you do so make sure everything is down.... vol.....
  5. Do I need an additional crossover?

    also just to add... that 1000 might not even be enough to power that mrx sub... depending on what you are expecting to do with it... whats the power handling peak and cont.? 5334[/snapback]
  6. Do I need an additional crossover?

    yes you can link them together. x-over no... xti has them built inside of the amp.. when you bridge mono.. you will go itno your setting on the display and select bridge mono next will be bridge subs this is ideal for what you want to do. refer to manuel pg. 22. most of jbl woofers... subs.... and so on all have cross overs in them also.. no you do not have to buy an aditional x-over for your subs or full range speakers... it's all adjustable that one of the small beauties about this amp.. you would be waisting you money if you did...
  7. Some one HELP please...

    sorry, in the first paragraph i meant to say do i use 2 or all four wires?
  8. Some one HELP please...

    Ok, im getting this slowly but surely... thanx for all your guys help!... ok, you ready? here we go.. i rewired my subs so they are now 16 ohms. So now I can bridge them. My last and final quetions about bridging is... ok, from scracth... i have 2 16 ohm speakers and i want to bridge in mono. So on my speakon plug I understand that I only chang one side which will go to the amp. I know that the end that go's to the speaker will stay on 1+ and 1-. Ok, so... now on the other end do I use all four wires? Or i just change them to +1 and +2? Or?... do i use two wires? Or two? Ok, now... I really want to just run 2 seprate speakon wires to the amp. So if I just change the speakon wire that we are talking about that goes to channel 1. Can I plug the other wire into channel two? And I don't change nothing on that wire right? ( that goes to channel two? ) So if i didn't confuse anyone here it is... The only wire that i change is the wire that is going into channel 1. I take that wire that connects to my 16 ohm speaker and i plug it in to channel 1, then I take the other seakon cable ( did not change any wiring on it ) from my other 16 ohm speaker and plug it in to channel two. Select the bridge mono mode in the amp and it is briged at 8ohms? right?
  9. Some one HELP please...

    so in other words there is no way to do this..? so you don't use two seprate speaker cables? what do you daisey chain the speakers together and just run one speaker cable out to the amp? so if you give an amp 2 ohms bridged it see's only half of what you give it... is there a tech number?
  10. i'm confused on the wiring... i have a xti-1000 and a pair of jrx-125s's. i have speakon plugs. this is just confusing. i want to run it in mono...! both speakers are 4 ohms. i know that there is four pins when you un screw the speakon cable if you change the wiring do you change it at both ends?