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  1. I downloaded the newest SA version 1.3 and firmware update for XTi amps. I have 6 XTi4000 amps that need new firmware, they display FW 1.0.8 I followed the instructions in the PDF file for SA installation and, and then for the C Loader V2.18 and the only file that I find in the download is an XTI11110.s file. I click on this one and the software says "Firmware does not support S-record format, use intelHex File" So I want to know where do I go from here? The file is the wrong type and wrong version number. Thankfully when I connect the amp to the computer, it is recognized by windows, I just can't update the firmware. I also have another problem, one amp has the signal LED lit on channel 2 with no audio connected to it, is this something normal? Another amp has a problem where it intermitently cuts channel 1 in and out, shows signal LEDs but not signal to speakers, diifferent cables, speakers and no avail. I am using these amps on on a JBL VRX system and they work exceptionally great, iI know I-techs would feed these alo better but until the money flows, these will do. Thank you guys for your help in advance. Oscar