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  1. My DC300 has had a channel not working for a few months. I have had it in 2 repair shops but neither of them can fix it. They claim the parts needed are no longer available (a resistor) and are not interested in trying to track the needed parts down. Does anyone know of anyone in the New England area that can fix this great amp for me? I live and Rhode Island and will ship it to get it fixed if necessary. Thanks, Pete
  2. Crown DC 300

    Thanks so much for the information. I'll get it fixed. Pete
  3. Crown DC 300

    Hi: I turned on the DC 300 and immediately heard a load hum in the right speaker. The line out knob was in the lowest (off) position. The left channel was fine. I shut off and unplugged the amp and redid the wire connections to the amp and the speaker. It still hummed when turned on. I shut it off and unplugged the amp then checked the fuses behind the face plate. Still hummed. I tried to play some music. The left channel was fine but the right channel started to screech loudly. I immediately shut the unit down. Luckily I did not damage the speaker. What could be wrong? Is it worth even fixing? I bought it for a couple hundred bucks. The amp was fine the day before. Thanks in advance. Peter