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  1. XTi-1000 Output Varying

    I am using (2) LIVE WIRE shielded RCA to XLR audio interconnect cables. they run from the source (iPOD - Bose Active EQ or iPOD - Preamp) directly in to the Crown
  2. I just bought (2) XTi-1000's and am using them to power my home multi-speaker system. I have noticed irregularities in output volume at low volume. Today, I was even getting sound out of the system with the front amp knobs/attenuators turned fully counter-clockwise!! My input signal is the line-out from an i-Pod, or from a Mac G5 (audio out) (noticed irregulariites from both sources - which are always stable over headphones and my home stereo, so it doesn't seem like that is the problem). I have the output of the Crown running to a Niles speaker selector (HPS-6 hi power speaker selecter). The volume issue occurs periodically whether I have one or two or more pairs of speakers selected. I can troubleshoot further if anyone has some good advice - BUT THIS IS FRUSTRATING, since everything is brand new and I "expected" it to work. Also, someone mentioned the non-linear nature of the input attenuator there a reference somewhere in the Crown literature to that (curve...?). Overall my system output power relative to the input knob (amp) positions seems very low for the claimed power rating of the amp(s). Please help and Merry Christmas everyone!