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  1. I've been asked to help install the sound in a bar that is currently in the process of being remodeled. I've dealt exclusively with crown equipment in my past and I'd like to remain as such. it's about 1600 sqft of commercial space, the owner would like to be able to pipe in the dish receivers and switch between them on game days, as well as pipe in loud music when the tv's are not in use. I plan on installing ceiling mount speakers, and hiding a couple folded horn subs in the walls. The speakers I can figure out, the amps/mixer I'd like to hear some recommendations, my initial thought is: 2 XTi 1002/2002 depending on how loud he wants to be able to take it. (one for speakers/one for subs) crown 14m/28m built in behind the bar to feed the amps. Any other recommendations?
  2. Here's the deal... I currently have 2 XLS 602's running 4 4ohm cabinets, and i'm considering selling them off and replacing them with 1 xti2000, the reason for this being the power consumption, i'm pulling way to much current on the circuit i'm currently on **with lights, and other amps** and the xti's lower current draw, as well as programability, has me considering this.... But by replacing them, i'd be running the amp at 2 ohms per channel if i run all 4 cab's off the one amp... these are top's, and i'd be HP'ing around 100hz.... my question is how will sound quality be affected by switching from 4 to 2 ohms? and does this sound like it makes sense?
  3. I've got system architect downloaded and installed, I haven't hooked up to my amp yet but i'm checking through the software to see how it's setup..... Let me explain my setup first..... Running 2 Bill Fitz Maurice Cabs bridged, 6ohms hooked up.... I want to adjust the crossover up a bit and maybe enable the sub synth and try a few things to get a little more sound out of them.... As it is i'm running an XTI1000 in bridge sub factory mode on them and it tends to overheat if i'm not carefull when dealing with some of the extremely low bass these babys put out... So my question is this, is the following setup something that makes sense? Do i need to bother with the EQ if i'm using the Xover? And Bandpass Gain? What exactly is this? Same thing as the Sub Synth? just a gain at the lower frequencies? And The limiter, obviously something i'll want to enable But I'm not sure what is meant by the rantings in -xxx db.... I'm sending 600 watts to each cab if my math is right, the drivers are 450rms 900program, what should i be setting this to? and how would i calculate this out? Does the amp Sense when the speakers are being overdriven? I'm still new at all this, Thanks for any advice anyone can give
  4. XLS output at higher impedances

    You built some tuba's didn't you Run two of them and wire them parallel bridged, 6ohm load, problem solved I'm running two T36's off of an XTI1000 and they shake the earth
  5. Tops rated at... 250 Watts program at 8 ohms Subs are rated at.... 1400 watts peak, 350 watts continuous. 3 in. voice-coil. I'm guessing they're 8ohmish? First off let me smack you for buying such a great amp and then plugging it into these cabs..... but I digress You've got plenty of headroom, plugging em straight in one cabinet per channel, use the built in xover on those amps and your good to go... Program on those subs would be somewhere around 525 watts.... so you wouldn't be pushing em too hard, if they are indeed at 8 ohms you could wire them up to the one amp in parallel and bridge the amp.... But you're going to wind up pushing alot more power at them subs than they can handle, same thing with your tops.... Be conservative or you'll pop em