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  1. All, I need help..please.. HOw can i unlocked ITech Amps. I got used amp Itech 8000 and it say "Remote LOcked" when i press any of the 3 buttons (menu,Page/up , next). I also downloaded the SA and tried to plug in the LAN cable to my laptop and it's not communicating. Please advise.. ty-mon
  2. hi kevin thanks for your great help. Kindly send the pdf file coz i can't log in to that link. i'm trying to use my password but it doesn't go thru. ty -mon
  3. all, I need your help .. change of the power input voltages from 110v to 220volts. Please advice. Thanks in advance . mon
  4. AMcron 600

    Thanks David..
  5. Hi It's better to bring to service center , i have the same problem and they changed the complete board . BR-mon
  6. AMcron 600

    Please help... I have Amcron600 that after powering up the Ch 2 Signal/IOC alway "oN" there's no input signal to the channel , Switch position at back "Stereo Mode" Can somebody please help to trouble shoot the problem? Had checked all the power transistor and supply is ok. Please advise. BR-ramon
  7. XTi EQ

    HeadlineDJ, I have tried but don't work for me. cheers
  8. XTI-4000 Board Problem

    Hi David, Sorry for the abbreviation The Dealer is Audiophile - Philippines . Another question: Does XTI4000 work's properly on 180volts? In the manual mentioned 100 to 240 volts. thanks
  9. XTi EQ

    Many thanks- cheers
  10. Hello All, I would like to share with you guys. I have a XT14000 amp that 3X already sent to Crown Service centre for repair. The trouble as follows: 1. Amplifier -No power at all Fuse ok.(repaired) 2. Ch2 -Volume control when you TAp it intermittently low to high Volume (repaired) 3. CH1 - Overtemp ..notice when pushed the 3 button and monitor the temperature is diffrent from chanel 2 ( Chan 1-red Led lights Overtemp) as per the dealer of crown ( Phils) that there's no stock of motherboard for this unit in US, Is it true? i need to wait....they can not commit the exact date. I have already upgrade the firmware from lower version to new (i can't upgrade the latest firmware coz the unit is in the crown service repair center) I would like to know if some of you guys have encounterd this problem , i have 4 units of these amps but 1 of them got that problem. The unit was bought dec 2006. Please advice.. Many thanks-
  11. XTi EQ

    thanks and nice info. HeadlineDj and David , can you please post how to create that one screen. Thanks in advance. cheers -mon
  12. XTi 4000 channel dipping problem

    FYI, Same with my amp XTI4000 , Channel 2 volume control pot dripping when you tap it the volume intermittenly goes down. had already check the ribbon type cable but it's okey. I have already sent to Crown service center , but service center told me that they adjust something I don't know if they telling the truth or not cheers..
  13. All, I have noticed that the Driverack260 software (driveware ) is not supported XTI amp.Also, the system achitect of XTI amp is not supported Driverack 260? Is there any reason. Please advise.. thanks-mon
  14. Dear Sir, I have the same problem above mentioned. Please advice. my email add XXXXXXXXXXX@XXXXX.XXX thanks --