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  1. impossible to do the firmware update for xti amps

    No i do not have it open at the same time, so i still cannot do the firmware update, and use system architect!!!
  2. I was trying to work with system architect, to install it and configurate my amps(XTI), and i found out that i had to do the firmware upgrade, and then i got stock on number 5 point where instead of getting the acknowledgement of the amp, i get this message:USB DEVICE YOU ARE TRYING TO CONNECT TO THE VIRTUAL MACHINE IS BEING USED BY ANOTHER PROCESS. WAIT 5-10 SECONDS, THEN TRY TO CONNECT THE DEVICE AGAIN. IF THIS DOES NOT HELP, FIND THE APPLICATION THAT BLOCKED UP THE DEVICE AND DISCONNECT IT MANUALLY. I do really need to work this system architect!! do u mb have an idea of what is happening!