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  1. XTI4000

    david can you send me the schematics for the xti 4000 and 2000. thanks. also on one of my xti 4000's theres a faulty lcd panel. under warranty is it possible to get the parts, without returning the amp to the states? and has there been a fix to the ribbon cable problem? i have 6 with that problem.
  2. xti problem

    hi one of my xti 4000's is giving trouble. it works fine the odd time but most of the time it doesn't. the input meters don't show any level input and there's no output from the amp. i tried updating and reseting the ribbon cable and its still the same. any idea's?
  3. trouble with xti4000

    hi i recently got an xti4000 amp it was working fine until a few days ago, there's no output on the amp even when i enable the internal pink noise, could it be an internal fuse or something? thanks
  4. hi just wondering what problems would i have running at 16ohms i've a few martin w3 and the mid/hi is 16ohms, i always use 2 or more w3 per side to bring the impedence down to 8ohms or less but sometimes i could just use 1 per side.would it be any problem? thanks.
  5. crown xti amp service

    hi i recently purchased 6 crown xti amps from the usa i'm based in Ireland, the amps work fine but i'm hearing so much about dodgy xti amps. where would i have to sent them if one of them acts up? as shipping to to the usa is exspensive? if i do do crown refund shipping? also i'm a trade buyer i get trade discount here in Ireland why are they so cheap in america which are end user prices and the trade price i'm getting is not far from twice the price of the american end user price? and no my supplier is not ripping me off there that price everywhere in europe. sorry!!! ps i've never had a problem with crown amps i've 2 microtech amps in a install on a ship installed 15 years ago never serviced or turned off and the only thing wrong is a squeaky fan! now that quality! keep up the good work hope the xti's last that long. thanks
  6. xti wireless control

    i use a great program called log me in,all you have to do is install it in the computers you want to control and thats it no vpn tunnels or static ip addresses to mess around with, you can log in from anywhere. its great i've a few installations done with dbx zonepro and crown xti amps where i can simply log in from home to check up on thinks or change volume or create new music playlists.also if i'm out on the road i can log in from my pda what type you looking for? wifi to wifi (ad hoc) or through the internet ?
  7. xti wireless control

    ya just what i need. just to find somewhere to buy it.thanks
  8. hi i'm looking to control 6 xti 4000 wirelessly from a tablet pc also a dbx 260(serial), i know the amps are usb but can you get wireless usb? help on this would be great.thanks