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  1. Help with Crown D-75

    There are a couple of dropper resistors on the main pcb. There's one right in the middle that gets really hot. Make sure pcb isn't burnt up or that the resit or isn't burnt out or has developed really dry loose joint. I have had a d75 that had really burnt resistor. Just typical with normal use. They tend to heat because the pcb is upside down.
  2. XLS 602 burned when adjusting volume

    Genuine transistor or cheap Chinese copy? New transistor insulator?
  3. Help with Crown D-75

    Maybe half an input ic burnt?
  4. XLS 602 burned when adjusting volume

    Have you checked the output zobel network?
  5. Hello Karlos,

    it would be great is you know what the problem is with my DC300A !




    Hello. Sounds like you have some dc voltage at speaker terminals. Pm me for details.
  7. Power switch DC300 A

    Crown supply an unilluminated replacement switch.
  8. DC-300A Heat sinks

    The heatsink were standard on certain dc300a amps. Have seen them before. Theyre fine as long as the spring clips are holding ok.
  9. Crown XLS-5000 Troubles

    I wouldn't bother replacing with Jamicons again.
  10. Amcron DC300a resurection

    Non standard input module for sure best to look at the ceramic resistor on the output pcb to find date code on the .33 ceramic resistors. It's standard four figure code. All dc300a amps have a four figure part number on the underside of the main pcb that ties up with particular schematic.
  11. psa2 driver board transistors identify please

    Hi have you the crown p/n from schematic.
  12. Strange diodes on D75 main board

    I have seen 1n270 used instead of 1n4148 on crowns. i will have a look at my service updates tonight.
  13. Strange diodes on D75 main board

    I know you are working on the d75. Its a mod on the ioc circuit that was also done on early / mid dc300a. have a look on dc300a schematics, its gone from my mind but i know its a mod on all ioc circuits, sorry i cant help any more, my head isnt working today!
  14. C5869 / 2sd555s replacement

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has had success with a replacement for C5869? (dc300a T03 driver). crown state its a 2sd555s. Has anyone found a more modern equivalent? Thank you
  15. dc300a guru needed

    To be honest im not sure about the 62085. 2n3773 are usually ok, the trouble these days are finding decent original genuine transistors, there are so many fakes about. use a reputable supplier farnell rs comps etc etc