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  1. xti 2000

    /\ /\ Can you check that while the amp is playing music at volume?? Or should the music be stopped before checking?? Thanks.
  2. XTI2000 no display

    Thanks. That`s just what I did. They instructed me to remove the top cover and reseat at the main board the ribbon wire connecter from the display. All seems good now. I`ll report back if it starts acting up again. Thank you.
  3. Just got back from factory repair a brand new XTI2000 that about 1 out of 10 cold boots will have no display and the db, clip and thermal lights will all be lit constant. A quick reboot or two does nothing. The amp seems to work fine and after a song or two the clip lights will start working and once they do I can reboot the amp and get the display back. The firmware was updated as well as some factory upgrade. Is this acting like a bad firmware flash?? Should it go back again?? Thanks for any responses.