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  1. hey Alex how do those vrx's sound...thy're unique with the 3 small tweeters.
  2. need help setting my I-tech 8000

    how is that different than a normal series wiring?
  3. need help setting my I-tech 8000

    what do u mean by "series internally "
  4. need help setting my I-tech 8000

    i techs i believe are best for low end...they produce the best and most accurate bass....thanks to that kick arse >5000 dampening factor i guess. I heard they sound a little harsh and metallic for highs and mids though. K-1 and 2' are the nicest amps in the industry i think.....500$ on ebay fopr a k-2!!!! i would give anything for a itech without the dsp (itech light, lol). It would be cheaper and one less thing to fail in the field.
  5. need help setting my I-tech 8000

    freq range is from 80-250 htz. I already have the wires built for the cant be speakon going into the amp and 4 speakons going to the 3 doulble 15' wired discreet and 2 wired parallel. I dont want to run the itech hot at 3 ohms your way...esp a 8000. I like to run all my amps (3 other k-2's) nice and cool all at 8 ohms and with the minimal THD.
  6. i just got my Itech 8000 and would like to run in bridged mono to (parallel-series) to give 6 of my jbl 2226H's 1250 watts each (7500 total) at 6 ohms. Can u tell me exactly what to set the rms/voltage/input gain and ideas on what to set the limiter at.....THANK YOU.
  7. This is my system 2 jbl high horns needing 150 watts ea 2 jbl mids needing 600-800w ea 4-8 jbl 2226 H for mid bass 1 double 18 srx738 for sub I am 99% set on getting a itech 8000 for 18's/15's. i already have 2 k-2's I heard that since the itech and K series are Digital amps and they sound a lil harsh/metallic when used for highs and mids but for subs they sound beautiful (very tight) cus of the very high dampening factor. my question is what are the absolutlty best sounding amps u make for highs and mids for a install/home system/studio. What is the closest thing u got to your reference series that doest have quite so much power. thanks!
  8. crown xti

    the more bad mouthing i hear bout a amp on a forum (particular psw) the less i will believe them. It is very un professional. I suggest people contact reputable sound companies and dealers that sell many brands to get a more accurate account. The amp is only as good as its warranty and the 6 year warranty crown offers for a extra 100 bucks for the itech sounds fine by me. Thier parts plant is only 2 ups days away also. I am very close to buying the 8000.