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  1. IQ Data

    How do I reset my IT 4000 to the original settings? I currently have no ready lights on the front panel. My IQ Data light keeps flashing and the amp makes a clicking sound. According to the owners manual this means that the amp is polled for data or is polled to see whether it is online. I have not been able to get the amp back online. When going through the menu I am unable to make any changes. I also noticed that my presets are gone, IP address is at 0 along with all other settings and when amp boots up there is a -100 on ch's 1&2. this did occur when attempting to set up my wireless network. thanks for any help.
  2. How do I get my vertec presets back and stop my amps Data indicator from flashing and polling for data and or polling to see if it is on line? I currently have no lights other than the power light on the amp. It does power on and show the start up windows but I do not have any ready lights. After about three seconds or so the IQ Data light flashes with a clicking sound. How do I reset the amp?
  3. I need to know exactly what wireless routers/switchs to purchase in order to control the dsp via my lap top. I have two amp racks with three amps each one stage left and another stage right. I understand that I need to run a cross stage ethernet cable. I am just not certain what other units I need to purchase. I presently have a Linksys 10/100 Workgroup switch. Does my cross stage cable need to be a crossover ethernet cable or is there something out there that will atomactically switch the setting of the cable. I would love to go wireless
  4. I have two IT4k's I have made it to the point where I am using 1 amp to run the MF/HF and the other to run the LF. of my JBL4887's . I have preset 9 loaded for the MF/HF and preset 10 loaded for the LF. However I am having several problems. 1st the input ch's are clipping with very low input from my midas console using cd playback 2nd the sound coming out sounds really bad even when I manage to change the setting to elemenate clipping. 3rd the over all output seems to be very very low when compared to another system using the same program comming out of the same mixer. What I have done is set up the IT4K's & JBL 4887's using the right side of the mixer and a standard (forgive me )Makcie Active system on the left and the mackie system sounds considerably better. Say it isn't so. Any Ideas or suggestions I really want this combonation of amps and speakers to work but if I can't get it to sound better I may have to go to a turn key system like the cobra :angry: