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  1. newbie here! I have 3 CE2000's, i just bought a pair of JBL SR4725A (2 way's) and SR4718 (subs) I also plan on using a DBX drive rack PA. For starters, I plan to bridge 1 CE2000 and dasiy the subs. They are 4 ohms and rated at 600 RMS out of the box Next, I have the 2 ways at 8 ohms and 600 RMS out of the box. Will a CE or XTI 4000 be enough power or should I bridge the CE2000's per each cab? Some questions. Is there a better more effective way to wire these up? what is the current draw for (3) CE2000 and (1) CE4000? Should I run the subs as mentioned? If I bridge for the subs do I need to rewire a stock speakon to the +'s at amp and keep the cab alone at input? Do I leave the dasiy cable alone as well? Will the cabs run at 2 ohms and is it safe for 3 hr shows? I'm looking for a less is more PA since we gig a lot, Are there any better configurations with less amps ? Lastly, Why is it the drummers always end up doing sound? Like we dont have enough going on!!! Thanks