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  1. Sound from only one channel

    The problem has resurfaced again. I went back to try the same fix as last time (jiggling the connector around to try and fix a loose connection) and accidentally broke off the ribbon cable from the front attenuator. Aside from sending it off somewhere to get fixed is there a way to just short the wires so that it doesn't attenuate it at all? So it appears like it's at max volume all the time?
  2. Sound from only one channel

    ok... so I fixed the problem. or at least made it go away. after opening it up to make sure anything wasn't touching something it wasn't supposed to and shorting, I played with the front attenuators and it seemed like they weren't working correctly, or the contacts inside them were loose. I jiggled the ribbon cable coming off of them, near the base, and presto - things work again. Bizarre.
  3. After taking my amps (XLS 402 & 602) along with speakers out of storage for a coming event I noticed that my 402 is not amplifying sound to one channel. Pushing the source to the 602 with the same cables, both speakers work fine so I know it's the amplifier. Switching speaker cables between output 1 and 2 on the 402 show that it's just one channel that's not working correctly. The attenuators on the front of the amp don't seem to work anymore either, as turning them doesn't affect the sound in a noticeable way. The unamplified signal gets passed along on the bad channel, so you can actually hear sound from the speaker, but it's just line level. Any thoughts? I did install a switch inside to change the fan RPMs on command, but I did this a while ago and it's worked fine with it.
  4. I've got an XLS 402 and 602 that I'm using to run horn loaded subs. Instead of the usual 8 ohm load though, they will be seeing the equivalent of a 12 ohm load. What power can I be expecting out of both the 402 and 602 in stereo and mono-bridge?