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  1. Ok, I am in desperate need of some help from smarter people. I am horribly ignorant when it comes to IQ programming. I have 2 USM-810's that need to have some volumes controlled via a Crestron MP2E. I sort of figure the best way to do this is to use the Crestron Digital Outs to send a little signal to the GPIO DSub37, controlling fader levels for specified inputs via a "Bump Continuously" command. Question #1, is this the best way? Second, There are two of these things... I need Inputs 1-8 of unit 1 and inputs 1-5 of unit 2 to be controlled by one signal from the Crestron. I.E., inputs from two separate units need to be able to ramp up and down together. They are connected as an IQ Bus, but can they be programmed to be controlled together? Ok, I think that's it. If anyone could help me ASAP, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, -Becca