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  1. k2

    good day i dont know if anyone can help i have a crown k2 which is not switching on i can hear the click when the power switch is turned on but no led's and no output the amp worked perfect on a gig the night before brought it home switched it back on nothing what can be causing this.
  2. crown k2

    good day to all i purchased a crown k2 used approximately one year ago up untill this day it has worked trouble free, i came back from a gig yesterday amped worked perfectly switched off and came home, i usually do a routine check home after all my gigs when i tried to power up the amp nothing i can hear the clicking noise when the power switch is turned on but no led's and no output what do you guys think can be the problem.
  3. can anyone aid me in getting some settings for my xti's they would be used on eaw kf 850's and sb850's iam using five xti's three 2000's and two 4000's the two 4000's will be used to play subs while the 2000's will play highs , mid and lowmid respectively please aid me in getting the correct settings for these boxes to input into the amps, thanks in advance.
  4. xti ohms

    hi if i use the xti 4000 on 2.66 ohms how much power would i be getting from each channel, and would the amp run cool and flawless.
  5. what does ab+b topology mean
  6. crown xti

    i was thinking about purchasing the new crown xti series but all i have heard is bad things about i have the macrotech series and they are great, but with all this bad hype about the the xti i am thinking of changing brands and going to qsc or lab gruppen can someone please quell my fears because i really like my crown.
  7. is it wise to use these amps on bridge mono mode at 4 ohm over extended period of times to play eaw 850 tops (midrange)
  8. is it safe to use these amps on 2 ohm load to play tops or midrange boxes.
  9. hi iam currently thinking of purchasing three crown xti,s two 2000,s and one 4000. iam planning to couple these amps with two qsc mx3000a amps for sub.The system ihave consits of eight eaw 850 tops and four eaw 850 subs. Iwant to know if the three xti,s can play the eight tops by the way they are loaded with selenium 305 driver units,jbl2226 15,s,and rcf 750 yk 10" speakers.and also please advise a way to wire the speakers to the amps and also these amps have to play for 15 hours at max volume.